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Your chances for an attractive income are very good, compared to many other EU countries the wages are high. Since 2020, the minimum wage for workers has been 9.35 Euro per hour, however, for many jobs the wages are much higher. 

Average income in Lusatia:

single (Tax class 1)wirh family (tax class 3)
Monthly salary1.772,- €2.014,- €
Annual income21.262,- €24.220,- €

Average monthly salaries for selected jobs (net)

Mechanic1.556,- €
Electronics technican in automation1.941,- €
Lacquerer for vehicles1.562,- €
Bricklayer1.582,- €
Chemical technican2.140,- €
Bank clerk2.558,- €
Hotel clerk1.432,- €
Tourism clerk1.360,- €
cook1.334,- €
Baker1.296,- €