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In Lusatia, your income prospects are very good. Compared to most European countries, the income is high! The present minimum wage for workers is 8.84 Euro per hour, however, there are higher wages for many jobs, and in the last years the wages have been increasing.

Average pay in Brandenburg (net)

single person with family
Hourly rate 11,40 € 13,- €
Monthly salary 1.975,- € 2.251,- €
Annual pay 25.060,- € 28.541,- €


Avarage pay in Saxony (2016)

single person with family
Hourly rate 10,80 € 12,30 €
Monthly salary 1.874,- € 2.133,- €
Annual pay 24.399,- € 27.835,- €

When you work in Lusatia, you benefit from the German systems of social insurance and get payments during illness, unemployment and later a pension.
Additionally, you have access to the German health system which is one of the best in the world. For your future these are important aspects which you should keep in mind.