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Lusatia is in the heart of Europe and waiting for you! The region is close to the cities Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig as well as to the European metropolises Poznań, Wrocław and Prague in the East and the Southeast. Thanks to the motorways and rail tracks, numerous federal and regional roads and the international airports of Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Wrocław and Prague, the region can be reached easily and fast.

In Lusatia you would find great employers, good payment and favourable living conditions, which make it a perfect place to start your career!

You have excellent chances for a professional development as a skilled worker with a good training, especially in technical jobs and in the health system.

Lusatia offers you the chance to work close to your home area.

The jobs and industries looking for qualified staff are mainly:

  • IT specialists and technicians,
  • Health (staff for caring, specialized doctors),
  • Handicrafts, building industry,
  • Hotels and Restaurants,
  • Trade and Services

The cost of living is relatively low compared to the European average. Rents are among the lowest in Western Europe. A room in a three-room apartment with kitchen and common sitting room is available from 150.00 € a month.

At the same time, Lusatia offers great quality for living thanks to its manifold landscapes with lakes, mountains, well-developed waterways as well as cultural offers. And since Berlin and Dresden are at easy reach, you can also enjoy nightlife and parties!