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You need not move to far countries, just right behind the border you are offered everything you need for your life: You are close to your home region as well as to the atmosphere of big cities like Berlin and Dresden, and you earn good money.

Lusatia is an industrial region and offers you a wide range of job opportunities to have a perfect start into your professional career.

The region is characterized by large and international companies such as LEAG, BASF, Siemens, Bombardier, Daimler and Vestas as well as numerous small and medium-size enterprises in various trades and crafts.

All these employers offer you attractive, modern and safe opportunities for a vocational training and the basis for a perfect start in the job as well as chances for further development.

Here you can start your career in all fields of business, technical as well as commercial, or health. The best chances you find in the following fields:

  • Handcraft und trade
  • building industry
  • Vehicles
  • Powerstations
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Health Service (Nursing for ill and elderly people, paramedics, obstetrics)


The system of vocational training in Germany is the so-called dual system. You would have your training at two different places, in a vocational school and a company. You conclude a contract with a company in which you have all the practical training, whereas the theoretical part is taught at the vocational school. Compared to the Polish system, the training in Germany is more practice-oriented. That means that you would undergo practical training in the company on three to four days a week and learn at the school on one or two days.
Your training in Germany takes between 2.5 and 3.5 years.


The vocational training in Germany enjoys a good reputation internationally, it offers you a good income and a challenging job, and it is the perfect base for your future. Furthermore, as a skilled worker you would be offered further training and career chances and so a safe future in Germany.


When you start your vocational training, you are automatically registered in the social insurance systems, you are insured against illness and accidents as well as unemployment, and you can get a pension later. Apart from that, the insurance will pay if you need care and nursing.
During your vocational training in Lusatia you get a monthly pay,which is rising every year. And you would get this pay no matter if you work, go to school or are on holiday!


Average monthly pay during a vocational training in Lusatia for selected trades and jobs (net)

job 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year
Mechanic 746€ 788€ 829€ 863€
Scaffold builder 516€ 676€ 863€
Electronics technican in automation 744€ 784€ 824€ 858€
Lacquerer for vehicles 467€ 495€ 557€
Bricklayer 536€ 711€ 876€
Chemical technician 652€ 688€ 725€ 766€
Bank clerk 766€ 809€ 844€
Tourism clerk 510€ 598€ 713€
Hotel clerk 448€ 512€ 579€
cook 448€ 512€ 579€
baker 385€ 501€ 596€


You may get further information regarding your income prospects here〉

You have already learned a trade and would like to start your career in Lusatia without an apprenticeship in Germany? No problem!

For information regarding the acceptance of your qualification for working in Germany here〉