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Arbeitsagentur/Job Agency  

The Arbeitsagentur / Job Agency is a public office for job-related matters. It has manifold job offers and is represented in many bigger towns. EURES consultants from the public job administrations and the partner organisations offer you help, contacts and consultation.


Sonnhild Vydrel
+49 3591 661006

Simona Schiemenz
+49 3571 464616

Jörg Hohlfeld
+49 3591 662015

Aleksandra Drückler
+49 3562 956109

Handwerkskammer – (HWK) Cottbus und Dresden

The HWK is the Chamber of Handicrafts, where mostly smaller companies in the field of crafts are organized, mainly in technical jobs, but also in jobs such as optician, hair stylist or carpenter. The vocational training in crafts and industry is virtually identical.

Handwerkskammer – (HWK) Cottbus〉   

Nicole Kossack


+49 355 7835-152

Handwerkskammer –  Dresden〉  

Katharina Sussek


+49 351 8087-547

Industrie- und Handekskammer (IHK) Cottbus und Dresden

The IHL/CCI is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry where nearly all companies working in the fields of industry and trade are organized, from the large company to a one-man business. The Chamber controls vocational training for these companies, knows the offers for vocational training as well as the demand in skilled labour.

Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK) Cottbus〉   

Alexander Knapczyk


+49 355 365 1320

Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK) Dresden〉   

Zygmunt Waroch


+49 3581 4212-22

Recognition of professional qualification

Crafts jobs

Handwerkskammer (Chamber of Crafts) Cottbus

Antje Feldmann

Head of the Department Law

Telefone 0355 7835-120
Telefax 0355 7835-285

Handwerkskammer (Chamber of Crafts) Dresden

Katharina Sussek

Foreign Professional Qualifications

Telefone: 0351 4640-975
Fax: 0351 4640-34975

Industrial, commercial and other jobs

Industrie und Handelskammer (Chamber of Commerce and Industry) Dresden

Robert Eichinger
Telefone: 0351 2802-234

Direct contact to German companies

Of course, you can also contact the companies directly. You might know someone who works there. Alternatively, you can also apply for a position submitting your own documents (in German language).  Applications for jobs that were publically offered are as usual as applications for any other job.  You would find job offers e.g. on websites of the companies, in newspapers and at fairs. You can find job offers from companies in Lusatia on the following websites:


Stellenportal der Agentur für Arbeit〉

Stellenangebote von WiL-Mitgliedsunternehmen〉

Handwerkskammer Fachkräftebörse〉

Jobbörse der MGO für den Raum Sachsen〉

Fachkräfteportal Brandenburg〉

Fachkräftepool Lausitz〉

Jobbörse Oberlausitz〉

Ärzte für Ostsachsen〉

Eures: http://www.eures-triregio.eu/start-polnisch.html〉


Lehrstellenbörse Handwerkskammer Cottbus〉

Lehrstellenbörse Handwerkskammer Dresden〉

Lehrstellenbörse Industrie- und Handelskammer〉

Lehrstellenbörse Brandenburg〉

Lehrstellenbörse Sachsen〉

Lehrstellen bei WiL-Mitgliedsunternehmen〉